What sets apart a law firm from others? All lawyers have the same books, the same on-line research tools and, presumably, the same interests in serving their clients. The real difference among firms is a combination of cleverness, drive and reputation within their community.

Each of the partners and associates at Cohen, Lerner are Michigan born and raised. Each has a familiarity with the Michigan courts, the Michigan business landscape and a growing list of contacts in a variety of fields that assist their clients in growth and in pursuing their rights.

In addition, each of the lawyers of the firm know that the difference between winning and losing can often be defined by just working harder than your opponent – finding a case that turns an argument or developing a witness or evidence that proves or disproves a case.

It isn’t enough that Cohen Lerner is armed with several well-experienced commercial litigators that can handle any matter from the most complex commercial litigation to the simplest contract issue. It is also knowing that the transactional attorneys know the banking community, the business community and the details of contracts so that they can provide clients with protection for their futures based upon the experience of the firm in litigating various issues.

Cohen Lerner has been an AV rated firm since the early 1980s. Its cadre of partners and associates have won countless awards during the course of their educations, serve in leadership roles in a variety of charitable organizations and have extensive experience with Michigan Courts on both a federal and state level. That experience covers more than 150 years of combined legal expertise. There are no courts in Southeastern Michigan with which the firm is unfamiliar, and Cohen Lerner is known by judges and opposing counsel alike as tenacious advocates who deliver their services on a cost-effective basis. As an adjunct, their transactional side has extensive experience in complex estate planning and administration and has long been recognized for its expertise by the probate courts in Southeastern Michigan.

This expertise has allowed the firm to litigate in countless other states both in the federal and local courts owing to the boutique nature of the firm and common sense business practices that allows full-scale legal services in a cost effective manner. Its expertise has been tested in matters involving contracts from Great Britain, Germany, Argentina, Israel, Spain and Canada.

Cohen Lerner promises the effectiveness and familiarity of a Local Counsel with Global Solutions.