Local Counsel/Global Expertise

While Southeastern Michigan/Metropolitan Detroit is not what it once was in terms of manufacturing, there is, nonetheless, much to do about business here. Southeastern Michigan, which includes Ann Arbor, still boasts the largest percentage increase in high-tech industry in the United States, albeit far secondary to those areas such as the Silicon Valley where high-tech industries have been flourishing for years. With the restructuring of the automobile industry and the new focus on green technologies, Southeastern Michigan’s supplier base has expanded and includes new business opportunities in auto- and high-tech related fields. As lawyers who know Southeastern Michigan and its courts, Cohen Lerner is uniquely positioned to service the needs of its clients on a more economical basis than can be had in larger cities. Indeed, Cohen Lerner’s lawyers have been called upon by numerous companies to litigate in a variety of states because our services proved more economical without sacrificing quality in legal services.

However, that is not where Cohen Lerner stops in its expertise. Over the last 20 years, the firm has handled litigation matters involving companies across the globe. Cohen Lerner attorneys have handled everything from employment disputes for businesses located from Mönchengladbach, Germany, to steel supplier contract matters arising out of Thailand and the United Kingdom. When a Michigan supplier had expanded its business to Spain and a subcontractor had entered bankruptcy under Spanish law, Cohen Lerner attorneys were able to administer litigation in the United States in cooperation with Spanish courts and realized an excellent result for its client. No law firm can claim to have complete knowledge of the laws of any foreign country. However, a law firm dedicated to commercial litigation can, over the years, develop relationships in countless locations that allows it to service its business clients on a global basis. The attorneys at Cohen Lerner have a Midwestern background rooted in hard work and dedication, but, possess a knowledge base to tackle matters arising for businesses in our global economy. Cohen Lerner should be your Local Counsel with Global Expertise.